Quellaveco is one of the five largest copper mining fields in the world.



Project description:


It is located in the Moquegua region, in southern Peru. It is currently in the construction stage and the first copper production is expected in 2022. It is currently the largest mining investment in Peru.


Our services include:


  • Massive earthworks, civil works and electromechanical assembly of the concentrator plant, which involves the assembly of structures, mechanical assembly, installation of pipes and electrical and instrumentation installations.
  • The contract also includes the mine’s land tunnels.

General information

  • Client: AngloAmerican
  • Plant capacity: 128,000 (t/day)
  • Location: Moguegua, Peru
  • Period: 2019 – 2022

Main data

  • Structures assembly: 2,300 t
  • SAG Mills: 2
  • Ball Mills: 2
  • Nº of MH: 9 MM

Important figures

300 thousand MT of copper will be produced per year in the first 10 years
Located at 3,500 masl
2 ball mills
2 SAG mills

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