Platanal Hydroelectric Plant

The project is located in the Province of Cañete and the Department of Lima



It is currently one of the most modern hydroelectric plants in Peru.


Our services include:


  • Construction of the North Dam (Fill h = 33 m) and South Dam (Fill h = 13 m), spillway, improvement of 77 km of roads, assembly of the steel armor in the vertical shaft of the forced conduit and in sections of the tunnel of adduction and the temporary and permanent camps of the project.

General information

  • Client: Compañía Eléctrica El Platanal SA (CELEPSA)
  • Location: Lima, Peru
  • Period: 2008 – 2009


Main data

  • Power: 105 MW
  • Flow: 40 m3/s
  • Asphalt concrete: 11,000 m3
  • Dam: North: 33m. South: 13 m




Important figures

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