La Planicie Center Project – Carabayllo

The transitional mountain chain from coast to sierra runs from south to north, passing through the districts of Cieneguilla, Ate, San Juan de Lurigancho and Carabayllo, in the city of Lima



Project description:


The LT Centro 220/500 kV project is a historic milestone in the transmission of electricity in Peru.

It is 40 km long and has a highly variable altitude from 600 meters above sea level to 2200 meters above sea level. This work was carried out in order to interconnect the Cieneguilla and Carabayllo substations to transport the electric current generated by the Thermal Power Plants, located in Chilca, to the demand areas.

This was the first 500 KV transmission line installed in Peru.


Our services include:


  • Construction of two parallel transmission lines (the 220 kV TL with 77 towers and the 500 kV TL with 72 towers) of 40 km in length of laying conductors that go from the Plain to Carabayllo. It also includes the construction of accesses, civil works (foundations and grounding) and assembly of towers at a variable altitude between 600 meters above sea level and 2200 meters above sea level.

General information

  • Client: Proyectos de Infraestructura del Peru SAC (ISA – PDI)
  • Location: Lima, Perú
  • Period: 2010

Main data

  • Power: 220/550 KV
  • Asphalt concrete: 1,670 m3
  • Longitude: 73 km
  • Structures assembly: 2,400 t
  • Towers: 149

Important figures

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