IIRSA SUR Highway Section 2 and 3

Represented a growth of 900% of imports compared to previous years



Project description:


It connects 7 destinations in Peru and 3 International destinations.

Section 2 goes from Cusco to the Inambari Bridge. While section 2 goes from the Inambari Iñapari Bridge to the border with Brazil. Among some of its benefits are: Reduction of travel times between Cusco and Iñapari, Madre de Dios on the border with Brazil from weeks to hours. Thus, the value of exports made to Brazil through the Interoceanic Highway in 2014, represented a growth of 900% compared to 2011 when the construction of the road was completed.


Our services include:


  • Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of the highway corresponding to the South Peru – Brazil interoceanic highway corridor.

General information

  • Client: Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
  • Location: Cusco y Madre de Dios, Peru
  • Period: 2005 – 2008

Main data

  • Longitude:

Section 2: 246 km
Section 3: 403 km

  • Maintenance period: 25 years
  • Earthworks: 13.5 million m3

Important figures

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