Expressway Yellow Line

Allows direct transit from the district of Ate to Callao in addition to linking the port with the airport

Project description:

9 km from the Línea Amarilla expressway, located between Huáscar Bridge and Morales Duárez Avenue, on the border with Callao.

With the new road, a new east-west axis was created in the city. It allows transit more directly from Ate to Callao, towards the port and the airport. The new roads have an extension of 9 km and are located on the stretch of the Huáscar bridge to Av. Morales Duárez, on the border with Callao. A part of the expressway is located along the left bank of the Rímac River


Our services include:


  • Construction of 9 km of new roads from the Huáscar Bridge to the Lima border with Callao, including a 1.8 km tunnel under the Rimac River. This new road connects around 5 districts of Lima. Additionally, our scope includes pedestrian and vehicular bridges, tolls, lighting and fire detection systems, among others.

General information

  • Client: Vinci Highways
  • Location: Lima, Peru
  • Period: 2016 – 2018

Main data

  • Underground Viaducts: 3
  • Elevated Viaducts: 12
  • Tunnel: 1.8 km

Important figures

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