EPC of the Chiquintirca Compression Plant Expansion

The objective was to expand the transport capacity to 380 MMPCD

Project description:

The project is part of the expansion of the gas transportation capacity of the Camisea Project.

Located in the district of Anco, province of La Mar, Ayacucho. The objective was to expand the transportation capacity to 380 MMCFD in the first stage, and up to 1,104 MMCFD in its second stage, to supply the main pipeline of the Natural Gas Liquefaction project, Pampa Melchorita, of Peru LNG.

In addition, a change was made to the existing pipeline (900 meters at the entrance of the Plant and 1,100 meters at the exit) so that the project complies with the technical standards of design and safety.


Our services include:


  • Execution of Prefabrication and Assembly of Pipes of the 32 ” Gas Pipeline and 14 ” Oil Pipeline Stations in a length of 500 km Civil Works, such as machine or manual excavation required for the construction of the trenches, improvement of the support surface of the pipes, installation of the sand bed and the final filling and compaction. On the other hand, the Mechanical Assembly works included the Manufacture and Assembly of Pipes, sandblasting and painting of spools, Radiographic Inspection and Hydrostatic Tests.

General information

  • Client: Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TGP)
  • Location: Ayacucho, Peru
  • Period: 2008 – 2010

Main data

  • Plant capacity: 1,090 MMPCD
  • Concrete: 3,750 m3
  • Structures assembly: 750 t
  • Equipment erection: 1,100 t
  • Piping: 1,350 t
  • Cables: 100 km
  • N° of MH: 3 MM

Important figures

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