Contugas Gas Network

Gas pipeline that crosses longitudinally in 288 km



Project description:

The project is a gas pipeline that crosses longitudinally in 288 km the department of Ica, and passes through provinces of Pisco, Ica and Nazca, up to the district of San Juan de Marcona, in Perui. The project consists of six pressure reducing, measurement and filtering stations in Humay, Pisco, Ica, Shougang, Marcona and Nazca.

The Natural Gas Distribution Network in the South will be of high, medium and low pressure, starting from the interconnection with the main pipeline of the Camisea Project in Humay. More than 2,300 GyM employees participated in this great project.


Our services include:


  • Supply and construction of the Trunk and Branch Networks of the Natural Gas Distribution Networks in Ica. It includes the supply, construction and installation of the steel pipe.

General information

  • Client: Contugas
  • Location: Ica, Perú
  • Period: 2012 – 2013

Main data

  • Transportation capacity: 308 MMSDCFD
  • Longitude: 288 km
  • Diameter: 20 – 14 – 6 in
  • Type of layout: Desert Coast
  • N° of MH: 6.2 MM

Important figures

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