More than 2.6 million people will benefit

Project description:

The project benefits the entire population of Lima and Callao, and will treat wastewater from 18 districts of the city of Lima.

The objective of the work is to decontaminate the southern coast of Lima, for which an advanced preliminary treatment of wastewater will be carried out, which will improve the quality of life of the population, recover the beaches and the marine ecosystem, promoting development economic, commercial, as well as the realization of aquatic activities, among others.


Our services include:


  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of the WWTP
  • The works include a treatment plant, an 850 m adduction tunnel, a 3.5 km long submarine emitter (d = 2.4 m), a diversion channel in emergency cases, among others.

General information

  • Client: Concesionario La Chira
  • Location: Lima, Perú
  • Period: 2012 -2015

Main data

  • Plant capacity: 11.3 m3/s
  • Submarine emmisaryLongitude: 3.5 km Diameter: 2.4 m Depth: 60 m
  • Output: Average: 6,3 m3/s. Max: 11,3 m3/s
  • Tunnel: 850 m. Section: 3 x 3.35
  • N° of MH: 450.000

Important figures

Submarine Emissary of 3.5 km
2.6 million people benefited
850 m tunnel

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