Cuajone is an open pit copper mine in the Torata district, Mariscal Nieto province



Project description:


This project is one of the most important production units of Southern Peru Copper Corporation, since its copper production, together with that of the Buenavista and Caridad Mexican mines, allowed Grupo México to increase the production of this mineral worldwide.


Our services include:


  • Electromechanical assembly of a 6.5 km conveyor belt
  • Earthmoving, concrete works, mechanical and electrical assembly, instrumentation and commissioning of a high-efficiency thickener with a diameter of 54 m; as well as construction of auxiliary facilities

General information

  • Client: Southern Perú
  • Location: Moquegua, Perú
  • Period: 2017


Main data

  • Nº of MH:  1 MM

Important figures

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